Challenge Accepted

One of my favorite things to do is be creative in the kitchen and find new ways to use familiar ingredients. I also love a good challenge. When it’s been a few days since we’ve been to the grocery store, I like the obstacle of a few, seemingly incompatible ingredients and attempting to make a good meal. Last night was just such a night. Here’s what I had to work with:

1 rollout pie crust




frozen peas

frozen corn


After a quick chop, saute with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and sherry, I filled the pie crust for a veggie galette. It turned out pretty good.

Folks often ask if it’s difficult to stick to a vegan diet, and it is at times, especially when the quick and easy solution takes me away from my goal to eat healthy. What I enjoy is the creativity I’ve discovered in my cooking. Yes, my diet is limited, but the possibilities for good meals aren’t.


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