I’ll watch a documentary about just about anything. As far as I’m concerned, the quirkier the subject matter, the better. One of my favorite documentaries, Helvetica, takes the seemly banal subject of typeface and tells a through-provoking story about art, design, and technology. Thanks to Netflix, the possibilities are endless! A few weeks ago my partner and I came across a film about Sriracha (or rooster sauce, as some call it) looking for something to watch. This was right up our alley–an entire film about Sriracha? Why not?

sriracha_hug_1024x1024It was very interesting! We were introduced to the history and creator of Huy Fong Foods, as well as Sriracha’s ever-increasing cultural capital. Just google it and you’ll find clothing, cookbooks, home accessories, etc all devoted to Sriracha. Only sheer panic can describe the reaction when local officials tried to force the Irwindale, California factory to close last April due to “unpleasant odors.” Thankfully, that didn’t happen and we are free to consume as much of the red chile goodness as we want.

There are several varieties out there, with the Huy Fong Foods version being the most well-known. I actually prefer the Sriraja 486338_SRIRAJA PANICH CHILI SCE 8.8OZ Panich variety, as it has a little less heat and more garlic flavor.

If you haven’t tried Sriracha, you should. Yes, it’s spicy, but it also has a great garlic-chile flavor. It can add a kick to just about anything–pizza, pasta, veggies. What I like so much about it is that you can flavor your food without added calories, fat, or sugar. A little goes a long way.